About your Blue Mountain PTO

The Blue Mountain Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) was established in 2008, coinciding with the opening of Blue Mountain Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado. In a nutshell, our mission is to “… enhance learning and promote community during and after school hours.” We do this by promoting the involvement of all parents and legal guardians and encouraging positive communication and cooperation between faculty, students, parents, legal guardians and the community at large. Read more about our organization in the By-Laws.

What does that mean?  What does the PTO really do? Essentially, the PTO is here to help raise money for the school to supplement the limited budget that the district provides. Below is an example from the 2016-2017 school year showing some of the ways we raise this money during the year, and how we utilize those funds to support the children of Blue Mountain Elementary:

Below is a breakdown of how the PTO raised money for Blue Mountain Elementary:

  • Turkey Trot (net) $39,178
  • King Soopers Fundraising Gift Cards $9,186
  • Book Fair (net) $5,688
  • Box Tops & Milk Caps-$1,496
  • Spirit Nights at local restaurants- $2,837

Below is the breakdown of how the PTO put this money to good use at Blue Mountain Elementary:

  • Paraprofessionals $31,000
  • Field Trips $3,919
  • Teacher requests $679
  • Instructional Supplies $1,880
  • Earth Week $2,115
  • Student Directory $366
  • Teacher Professional Development $300

Of course, all of this was made possible by countless volunteers contributing their time and talent. We invite you to get involved… your children and our community are well worth it!  Please check out how to get involved by viewing all of the VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES at Blue Mountain.