Meet Your Committee Chairs & Members for 2019-2020

Our committee chairs make things happen around BMES.  We appreciate them and their contributions!

Community- these committees provide services to the BMES Community

PTO Meeting Babysitting- Olga Kush
Organizes responsible babysitters to care for children during PTO General Meetings

Cares & Shares– Noreen Reeder
Organizes the annual holiday gift giving outreach event.

Conference Dinners- Noreen Reeder
Creates meal plans for teacher meals during Parent/Teacher Conferences and the Annual Teacher Luncheons.  Creates a sign-up sheet for volunteer help, getting to the Newsletter Committee & BMES Office Staff for distribution.  Helps set up and take down the meals on the event days.

Earth Week Jenni King
Helps to organize events to celebrate Earth Week at school.

Newsletter/web/emails/Facebook Updates- Emma Graham
Compiles info and creates content to distribute in different electronic media. 

Room Parent Coordinator- Debbie Koch
Trains room parents and oversees the smooth operation of RP duties. 

Student Directory- A.K. Butterworth & Olga Kush
Compiles contact information for all BMES families and creates a directory for use amongst BMES families. 

Teacher & Staff Appreciation- Melissa Neumeister, Kristy Berger, Becca Johnston
Organizes staff appreciation events. 

Fundraising– these committees raise PTO funds to support BMES

Book Fair Fundraising- Jenni King
Organizes PTO Book Fairs and manages the volunteers needed for the events.  

Box Tops Fundraising- Karen Crouthamel & Becki Loughlin
Handles promotion of Box Tops Program as well as the collection of Box Tops, counting, and redeeming rewards. 

Merchandise Order/Sales Fundraising- Emma Graham & Katie Topham
Develops BMES merchandise and oversees its sales. 

Longmont Dairy Milk Caps Fundraising- Michelle Kelly
Manages information and collection of Longmont Dairy Milk Caps. 

School Supplies Sale- Heather Thompson
Oversees the ordering and delivery of school supplies for upcoming school years. 

Spirit Nights- Michelle Livingston & Sreelakshmi Haridas
Organizes fundraising events with local restaurants.  BMES families can dine out at establishments and have a portion of the meals’ cost be returned to the school. 

Turkey Trot- Melissa Neumeister, Kristy Berger, Wyn Schulz, Heidi Lawrence, Erin Jeffries
Oversees all things Turkey Trot from procuring sponsorship, designing student t-shirts, setting up the event, running the event, and collecting funds raised. 

Yearbook- Miranda Kennedy, Katie Topham, Ania Plocha, Rachel Foster
Collects photos from BMES community members, takes photos around the school, works with printers to design, sets up the ordering system and oversees the distribution of the BMES Yearbook.