Box Tops for Education

Did you know that each Box Tops for Education label is worth ten cents?  That may not sound like much, but these little scraps of paper really add up.  You can clip the labels off of participating products, tape them to our collection sheets and turn them in as you fill up each page.  You can also download the Bonus Box Tops App and get extra BTs for FREE!

We typically sponsor two Box Tops Class Contests per school year.  Our school goal is to raise $1,000 worth of Box Tops each contest.  The class that collects the most wins a Spirit Day of their choice!

Click on the image above to download a Box Tops Collection Sheet.  You can help you student tape (no staples please) Box Tops on the page for a more organized collection.  A filled page is worth $2.50 for our school!  Turn them in as they are filled in the collection box by the front office.