King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program


BMES PTO has joined King Soopers’ Neighborhood Reward Program to help raise money for our school.   Everyone needs groceries, so why not let a percentage of that grocery bill benefit BMES?  This is an easy-peasy way to help out the school.


  1.   Get your BMES Reloadable King Soopers Gift Card Get Your Card!

  2.  Next time you shop at any King Soopers, go to the service desk or check out and ask them to put $X.XX onto the gift card (whatever amount you choose and plan to spend) – just as though you were buying a gift card for someone else.  Make sure you do this prior to them ringing up your purchase.
  3. Use your BMES King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card to pay for your purchase inside the store or at one of their gas stations.
  4.  SAVE THE CARD and RELOAD it when it gets low or before your next purchase.  If you let the card sit with a balance of less than $5 for over a few months, it will be listed as inactive and you’ll need to get another one from BMES PTO.  

For every $5000 loaded onto BMES gift cards, we will get a check for $250!!! All you have to do is keep track of your card and remember to refill and use it.


*You must use the specific gift card purchased through the PTO or it will not be linked to our school.

*You can also use these to purchase gas at any King Soopers or Safeway gas station!!

*You can still use your card to get points and discounts since this is just like paying with a gift card.

*You must “load” your card before purchasing your groceries

*You need to keep $5 or more on the card or it will become inactive and you’ll need to get a new one from BMES PTO.

*In order for BMES to earn the 5%, you will continually need to RELOAD the cards.  Some of our families load a certain amount onto their card each month to help them stay on track with their grocery budget.


Aside from the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from helping raise money for BMES, you could win a monthly prize.  Every month BMES PTO holds a drawing with the names of all of those who loaded their King Soopers cards.  The winner of the random drawing wins the use of a dedicated parking spot at the school for 1 month as a thank you for their support.  All you need to do is remember to use your Blue Mountain King Soopers card when you shop.


In the 2016-2017 school year, we raised over $9,000 by using our King Soopers Fundraising Gift Cards!  THANK YOU!!!

Get Your Card!

How it works:

The PTO has joined the King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Program to help raise money for Blue Mountain Elementary. This is a simple program that allows you to donate money to the school by doing what you normally do – SHOP!!

How can I get a card?
Complete the King Soopers Gift Card Request Online Form.   Get a card for your friends, neighbors, coworkers and extended family members, too!

Can I purchase the card directly from King Soopers?
If you buy a re-loadable King Soopers gift card directly from King Soopers, Blue Mountain PTO does not receive credit.  Only the cards issued by Blue Mountain PTO are registered to give credit to Blue Mountain PTO.

How does it work?
Use the card to pay for purchases at King Soopers.  The card can be reloaded for any amount up to $500.  You simply give the card to your cashier before your purchases are scanned so the reloading is paid as a separate transaction.  You can also take the card to the Customer Service desk employee when you first enter the store.  You pay for the reload amount by cash, check or credit card.  Then use the Gift Card to pay for your purchases at any King Soopers at any checkout line.  You can reload again and again!.

How does Blue Mountain PTO earn money?
For every $5000 loaded onto BMES gift cards, we will get a check for $250!!!  All you have to do is keep track of your card and remember to refill and use it.

What can I use the card for?
Use the card for any purchases at King Soopers including gas purchased at either King Soopers or City Market Fuel Centers and prescriptions at the pharmacy (with the exception of some services and lottery tickets and other gift cards).

How long is the card good for?
The dollar amount on the card never expires.  However, if your balance goes to zero and you don’t reload it within 90 days, the card becomes inactive.  You would then need to request a new card from Blue Mountain PTO.

Where else can I use the card?
The King Soopers gift card is accepted at most Kroger-affiliated stores throughout the United States.


Get Your Card!

Friends and Family Can Help Too!

Get a card for friends and relatives too!  Wherever King Soopers cards are accepted they can use our Blue Mountain re-loadable cards and a donation will be made to Blue Mountain. Send a card to your relatives nationwide!  

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Kroger stores are located nationwide.

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